Electrical Maintenance

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Electrical maintenance is the servicing, repair, replacement of faulty components in electrical systems found during functional service calls or inspections on electrical systems in an attempt to preserve the current state of correct function or in a reactive situation repair and restore the system back to its original operating state.


Maintenance is broken up into three parts:


1. Reactive (breakdown)

Reactive maintenance is the response to a specific event that has caused the electrical system to stop operating in its normal functional state. This type of maintenance is often categorised as a emergency service as often the electrical installation cannot continue to operate until the fault has been rectified or faulty component has been replaced.


2. Statutory (keep in regulation)

Statutory electrical maintenance is the electrical servicing of electrical systems to keep the systems up to current required regulations. This procedure is also referred to as “getting up to code”. These maintenance calls are categorised as planned or scheduled maintenance and often booked in with management to prevent unscheduled breakdowns and downtime associated with reactive maintenance.


3. Preventative (stop things from occurring)

Preventive electrical maintenance is the tending to electrical systems to upgrade and replace components anticipated to fail to prevent failures or malfunction (or breakdowns) in the electrical systems. Maintenance in this area includes carrying out testing, taking measurements and logging output performances. General servicing of systems including cleaning and visual inspections are also a major part of preventing issues, these maintenance trips are also carried out during planned or scheduled maintenance.