Switchboard Upgrade

Everything You Need

Your switchboard is the heart of your house, it holds all the power incoming into your house from the street (or electrical grid*). From there, through multiple protective devices the switch board directs the power to smaller regions of usage in your home.


Switchboard upgrades is the upgrade of your switch board for statutory, functional and safety purposes. Typical homes that are in most need of upgrades are for statutory or regulatory compliance on older switchboards that are missing key components such as “main switches”. This specifically give the homeowner the ability to turn all power off to the house at once, which is also very important for serviceability of your switchboard.


Another reason people decide to upgrade their switchboard, is to have their ceramic wired fuses or plug-in circuit breakers removed. This is not only done for functional purposes and to also stop nuisance tripping of electricity, but also to eliminate the need to re-wire a fuse if it burns out, in addition to numerous safety purposes.


Plug in fuses were designed and introduced as a massive leap forward in electrical technology at the time as it did not require the customer to physically rewire the fuse, just simply turn the switch back on, but in fact where the problem lays is they still, both ceramic fuses and plug in circuit breakers, have no protection against electric shock, and provide limited protection to your property. In fact, what makes plug in fuses even more dangerous is there is nothing stopping someone from making the mistake of plugging an oversized plug in circuit breaker as replacement for a ceramic fuse which will overload the cabling, posing a high risk danger.


During a switchboard upgrade, power is shut down for a certain amount of time (depending the extent of the upgrade) and everything from the meter panel, service fuses, meters, old circuit breakers and enclosures are all removed, and replaced with brand new electrical devices up to standard and regulation, which not only provide you and your property with the right protection from electric shock, overloading on cabling current and nuisance tripping of electricity, but come with an electrical certificate to assure you that the work has been carried out by a licensed and trained electrician.

*Electrical grid is the high voltage distribution lines that bring the power to each property through a network of supply cables from the electrical power stations directly to your switchboard.